WWF France - Stages 6 mois en coopération avec l’Office Allemand d’Echanges Universitaires DAAD : thématiques Finance verte, modes de consommation alimentaires durables et mobilité durable

Stages 6 mois en coopération avec l’Office Allemand d’Echanges Universitaires DAAD : thématiques Finance verte, modes de consommation alimentaires durables et mobilité durable

Article posté le 06 février 2017
3 offres de stage - 6 mois - démarrage septembre 2017

En coopération avec le programme de bourses Carlo-Schmidt de l’Office Allemand d’Echanges universitaires (DAAD-CSP) et le WWF-Allemagne, à pourvoir dès septembre 2017 – lien pour postuler : DAAD
  • Finance verte (Reference No.: WWF1 - Paris)
  • Modes de consommation alimentaires durables (Reference No.: WWF2 - Paris)
  • Transports durables (Reference No.: WWF3 - Paris)

WWF-France, in cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service’s Carlo-Schmidt Programme (DAAD-CSP) and WWF-Germany is currently offering 3 internship positions for German national, starting September 2017:
  • Green Finance (Reference No.: WWF1 - Paris)
  • Sustainable Food Lifestyle (Reference No.: WWF2 - Paris)
  • Sustainable Transportation (Reference No.: WWF3 - Paris)

Der WWF-Frankreich bietet in Zusammenarbeit mit dem WWF-Deutschland und mit Stipendienmöglichkeiten für deutsche Staatsangehörige über das Carlo-Schmidt Programmes (DAAD-CSP) drei Praktikantenstellen zum September 2017 an:
  • Umweltfreundliche Finanzmärkte (Reference No.: WWF1 - Paris)
  • Nachhaltiger Lebensmittelkonsum (Reference No.: WWF2 - Paris)
  • Nachhaltige Transportsysteme (Reference No.: WWF3 - Paris)
Für nähere Informationen zu den Praktikantenstellen und den Bewerbungsmöglichkeiten und Bedingung in Englisch siehe unten.

Conditions de candidature : être de nationalité allemande.
Only German nationals can apply for this internship programme.
Clôture de l’annonce le 24 février 2017.
Applications should be made directly through DAAD’s online platform before 24 February 2017.

Pour plus d’informations, vous pouvez consulter le site de l’Office allemand d'échanges universitaires (D.A.A.D.), via ce lien : DAAD
Merci de ne pas postuler directement auprès du WWF France mais via le lien ci-dessus.

More detailed information, including an internships grant database, detailed tips for future applicants and a document providing answers to Frequently-Asked- Questions (FAQ), is are available from DAAD-CSP’s website : DAAD Applicants should refrain from contacting WWF FR directly.


DAAD-CSP’s selection process

Applicants who pass the initial screening process will be invited for a face-to- face interview in Bonn, Germany, during the period from 29-31 Mai 2017.
Successful applicants will be able to start their internships in September 2017.
The DAAD-CSP will cover an internship allowance :
  • 650 €/month for students who have already completed their Bachelor degree
  • 1100 €/month for young professionals who have already completed their master’s degree) plus insurance coverage and a country-specific travel allowance.
DAAD Studiensstiftung des deutschen Volkes Hilde Mönch

Tel.: +49 (0) 228 882-598
Contact : Lisa Wilden Tel.: +49 (0) 228 882-8659



Green Finance (Reference No.: WWF1)

WWF France is seeking an intern for its green finance programme. WWF’s green finance programme seeks to achieve:
  • a measurable increase in public and private financial flows towards sustainable development and away from unsustainable activities; and
  • that public and private financial institutions catalyse change in government and business policies and practices to reduce threats to nature, by integrating and reporting on environmental and social safeguards in investment frameworks.
The intern will support WWF France’s advocacy campaigns and goals in the area of green finance. More specifically, the intern will conduct research and drive coordination efforts to support WWF’s international advocacy campaigns in close coordination with WWF’s finance practitioners in other European countries (including Germany) and in Brussels in areas including (but not limited to) the following areas:
  • Regulatory frameworks. Promote and develop credible arguments for robust climate-related corporate disclosure requirements and climate-stress testing of financial institutions (Article 173 of the French Law for the Energy Transition and Green Growth; Task Force on Climate-related disclosure convened by the Financial Stability Board (FSB), results of the German Presidency of the G20 in the area of green finance, EU regulatory initiatives, etc.).
  • Promotion of green finance. Contribute to activities conducted by WWF to promote green finance through participation in collective action (green financial centers, science based targets, etc.), bilateral exchanges with financial institutions, media work, events dedicated to WWF donor community...
  • Standardization of practices for the bond market. Promote robust, credible, fully- developed and widely accepted standards for green bonds in close collaboration with the Green Bond Principles (GBP) and the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) whether for corporate, covered bonds (e.g., German Pfandbrief) or sovereign bonds;
  • Voluntary commitments by the financial services industry. Monitor the effective implementation of voluntary commitments made by private and public sector finance institutions under the Global Climate-Action Agenda (GCAA) at COP-21.


Sustainable Food Lifestyle (Reference No.: WWF2)

In 2015/2016 WWF has been appointed co-leader of the Lifestyles and Education (SLE) programme and the Sustainable Foods Systems (SFS) Programme, both conducted under the umbrella of the 10-Year-Framework of Programmes (YFP) on Sustainable Consumption & Production (SCP) of the United Nations.

The intern will be working with and supporting the coordination of these two programmes in close cooperation with the other co-leads of these programmes (Government of Japan, represented by IGES in Japan, Government of Sweden represented by the Stockholm Environment Institute, the Government of Switzerland, the Government of South Africa, and the NGO Hivos) as well as WWF offices worldwide (including WWF Germany).

He/she will be supporting the day-to-day management and operations of the coordination desk of the programme, which acts as the interface between the programme and the 10YFP Secretariat, hosted by the UN Environment Programme, the co‐leads, the members of the Multistakeholder Advisory Committee (MAC) and its partners.

In particular, the intern will:
  • Support the overall coordination of the programme implementation.
  • Organise and facilitate periodic meetings (face-to-face, but also via telephone and/or WebEx) of 10YFP partners as well as a co-leads meeting scheduled to take place in Paris in September 2015.
  • Mobilise funding for the 10YFP together with co‐leads, MAC members and Partners.
  • Liaise with field projects on SCP in South-East Asia (in particular in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines).


Sustainable Transportation (Reference No.: WWF3)

WWF is working to build a future where people and nature thrive. To create change at the scale and speed our planet needs, everyone must be part of the solution. That’s individuals, governments and business.

Whether through direct operations or supply chains, business depends on natural resources. It needs energy. WWF works directly with companies and through industry-specific roundtables and platforms to reduce the ecological footprint of doing business, and to help the private sector be better stewards of shared natural assets.

As part of the “Global Climate Action Agenda (GCAA)”, more than 70 sectorial initiatives were displayed at COP21 in 2015, with around 11,000 commitments collected in total. In this context, the engagement from non-state actors and initiatives is a key asset to increase the level of ambition needed and accelerate implementation at domestic level.

On the business side, to date, 193 companies joined “Science-based target” call to align their GHG cuts with available carbon budget under a 2°C trajectory, led by CDP, UN Global Compact, WRI and WWF. The purpose of the initiative is to encourage companies to set science based targets under a sectoral decarbonization approach. 25 companies have already announced their targets but most of them are dealing with various methodologies and some sectors require a specific development such as the transport sector.

For this purpose, WWF will conduct some working groups to define the best suitable approaches for some sectors that need developments such as the transport sector, including participants from companies themselves.

WWF France is also leading a sustainable cities initiative to gather private and public actors around a common vision and pilot projects and in liaison with other WWF offices such as WWF China and WWF Sweden. Companies from the transport sector are also targeted to join this initiative and conduct research and develop activities toward new mode of mobility.

Within this framework and under the supervision of the Corporate Engagement team in France, the intern will be in charge of supporting the development of this project. He/she will be working in close relationship with the WWF SBT team and other offices that could be involved such as WWF Germany and WWF China. Tasks may include monitoring of international related initiatives and research projects on the matter, analysis of studies and companies strategy, redaction of notes and reports, preparation of meetings and events, …