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Consultancy to design projects for sustainable fisheries management in the Guianas

WWF French Guyana is recruiting a consultant to administratively and operationally set up two regional projects in the Guianas that will be piloted by the French Guyana office of WWF France :

 AFD project regarding Guianas : Financed by French Agency for Development (AFD) as part of its civil society initiatives program, this project aims at reducing the pressure of illegal fishing in the Maroni estuary (Surinamese and French waters). It will be structured around two specific objectives:

1. Reduce IUU fishing by strengthening Suriname's capacity to combat it, strengthening bilateral cooperation and addressing its root cause by analyzing the swim bladders market.

2. Local civil society raises awareness on marine turtle conservation issues, by creating a regional network of young marine biodiversity ambassadors and highlighting successful development biodiversity-based projects.

 BIODEV2030 : Implemented in sixteen pilot countries including Guyana, BIODEV2030 is an experimental approach that aims to integrate biodiversity into identified economic sectors of those countries  by involving all the players in society. The project’s partners are French Agency for Development (AFD) (funding), Expertise France (coordination), International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) (implementation) and WWF (implementation). After a phase of identification of those sectors, now comes an implementation phase. The first phase of the project (2019-2022) aimed at identifying target sectors as well as defining action plans to reduce their impact on biodiversity. For this second phase, we propose to widen the geographical scope of action, thus covering both Suriname and Guyana, and to focus on the fishery sector, identified as having a strategic impact on development and on biodiversity in the countries.

The deadline to respond to this call for tenders is next Friday, November 24.

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