La cité universitaire de Paris

European Business & Biodiversity Forum

From doing better to doing what nature needs 

June 21st, 2023, from 9 am to 6.30 pm
at the Cité International Universitaire, 17 bd Jourdan, 75014 Paris
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Option 1: Deepdive into SBTN STEP 3 WATER
Learn about how to set science based targets for water: objectives and principles of SBTN STEP 3 water guidance
Meet Allen TOWNSEND, Freshwater HubCo-Lead at Science Based Targets Network
Replay (secret code: Y4%!WQ9Y)

Option 2: Deepdive into SBTN STEP 3LAND
Learn about how to set science based targets for land: objectives and principles of SBTN STEP 3 land guidance.
Meet Craig BEATTY, WWF Lead Specialist Forest strategy and Research, Land Hub member at Science Based Targets Network
Replay (secret code: i4yj$P7V)

Option 3: Deepdive into the BiodiversityRisk Filter
Learn more about the Biodiversity Risk Filter,the WWF tool that enables companies and financial institutions to Inform, Explore, As-sess, and Respond to biodiversity risks.
Meet Maria WALSH, Biodiversity Risk Filter Manager at WWF Germany
Replay (secret code: N9!S=EwW)

Option 4: Deepdive into the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)
Learn more about the CSRD and the ESRS E4 on biodiversity and ecosystems, the new European directive which will require companies to report on the impact of their corporate activities on the environment and society.
Meet Philippe DIAZ, Senior Manager, Financial Markets, WWF Germany, SR TEG member at EFRAG Lead on ESRS E4
Replay (secret code: 7Pz&qgP6)


Option 5: Deepdive into SBTN for the financial sector
Learn more about how SBTN will apply to financial institutions.
Meet Miriam VAN GOOL, Science Based Targets for Nature Financial Sector Engagement Lead


Option 6: Deepdive into ecosystem-centered accounting
Meet Clément FEGER, Lecturer at AgroParisTech-CITED, researcher at the MRM laboratory (Montpellier University), Scientific Co-Director of the Ecological Accounting Chair
Replay (secret code: 5%QJnIL0)



Option 1 – Return on experience from CARREFOUR on SBTN STEPS 1&2
Carrefour has started working on SBTN since 2021, and is one of the 17 companies piloting the target validation process. They will share more information about working on SBTNSteps 1&2, with first results, and open discussions on the challenges and opportunities SBTN represents for them.
Meet Jenna MALLET, CSR Project leader at Carrefour
Replay (secret code: qFA##0cZ)


Option 2: Return on experience from Parfums Christian Dior & Quantis on SBTN STEPS 1&2
Parfums Christian Dior has started working on SBTN this year. Supported by Quantis, they will share more information about why they chose to engage in SBTN, how to start the SBTN journey, and what SBTN steps 1&2 are about.
Meet Edouard MAUVAIS-JARVIS, Environment Director and Scientific Communication Director at Parfums Christian Dior
Replay (secret code: g.+?4MaB)


Option 3: Return on experience from H&M on how to pilot the biodiversity risk filter within SBTN
H&M is among the first companies to use the Biodiversity Risk Filter to better understand impacts and dependency throughout their value chain. They are among the pilot companies in SBTN, and will share more information on their biodiversity stewardship journey.
Meet Jennie GRANSTROM, Biodiversity Lead at H&M
Replay (secret code: P9gv!jP*)

Option 4: Return on experience from Rabobank on TNFD 
Rabobank is one of the first financial institutions which have has started implementing the TNFD (Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures). Learn more about their experience of piloting this framework and what learnings they gained from it.
Meet Marie-Claire FRANZEN-AERTS, Lead Nature at Rabobank
Replay (secret code: +n4ia+m6)

Time to act!

We must no longer just do better, we must do what nature needs.

On June 21st, several WWF european offices are organizing in Paris a high-level international conference on Business and Biodiversity, gathering companies who want to step up their commitments towards biodiversity, as well as institutions and partner organizations. 

Following the adoption of the Global Biodiversity Framework in December 2022 at the COP15 in Montreal, the direction to halt and reverse nature loss is now very clear. It is urgent to act, and the role of businesses in this race is central, with the need to align biodiversity targets with planetary boundaries.  

But where and how to start? How to prepare your company for new regulatory frameworks, like the CSRD? How will voluntary standards, like the TNFD or SBTN, help you shape your biodiversity action plan, and be at the forefront of the transformation, preparing for the future?

As a leading NGO on nature preservation, the WWF has experts contributing to the development of most of these new biodiversity standards, as well as long-lasting cooperations with corporates who are already pioneering science based approaches to biodiversity action. This event will build on several previous events on Business and Biodiversity, including those co-hosted with other partners during the World Economic Forum in Davos and with H&M Group and IKEA during Stockholm +50. WWF, alongside some of our committed business partners, is now inviting you to join us for this one day conference, where you will: 

  • understand how everything connects together (CSRD, TNFD, SBTN, etc.)
  • meet the high level experts who contribute to the elaboration of the biodiversity standards and frameworks
  • meet the pioneer companies who have piloted these new tools and frameworks
  • meet your peers in networking sessions
  • pick and choose your favorite sessions, and build a tailored program that suits your own needs